Iggy Azalea in 500 pesos post-pregnancy dress

Iggy Azalea enchanted fans on Instagram with a fiery dress for less than 500 pesos accentuated her curves after pregnancy

Iggy Azalea is one of the queens of Instagram shortly after giving birth, because on August 9, the 30-year-old rapper shared a photo of herself in a tie-dyed dress with a swirl of fiery orange, green and yellow.

The “Good As Always Tie Dye” dress from Fashion Nova sells for $ 19.99, or 447.57 pesos, which proved to Iggy Azalea fans that one can wear a fiery body on a budget.

The “Kream” rapper captioned the sexy selfie with a simple orange emoji, and her fans more than made up for Iggy Azalea’s lack of words with comments like “perfect ugh” and “YOU ALWAYS LOOK SO GOOD QUEEN.”

Iggy Azalea regains curvy figure after pregnancy
Iggy Azalea is a postpartum queen! The Australian beauty confirmed that she welcomed a baby in June, though she did not reveal when exactly she gave birth (or the boy’s father, although fans have assumed it is Iggy’s boyfriend, 23-year-old Playboi Carti).

Instead, Iggy Azalea simply wrote on her Instagram story: “I kept waiting for the right moment to say something, but I feel like the more time passes, the more I realize that I will always feel eager to share news like this with the world. I want her life to be private, but I wanted to make it clear that it is not a secret and I love her beyond words. ”

On July 14, Iggy Azalea revealed her baby’s name, Onyx, and the audio of her precious voice. Otherwise, she has been quite secretive about her new life as a mother and we have learned why she kept her pregnancy as secret as Kylie Jenner’s.

“Iggy saw how Kylie could totally hide her pregnancy and that gave her the inspiration to try it too. She thought if Kylie could do it, she could do it too, “a source told HollywoodLife.

“The crazy thing is, it didn’t really stay hidden the way Kylie did, at least not to the same extreme. But she was able to mislead people by wearing baggy clothes every time she went anywhere, “added the source.

However, Iggy Azalea doesn’t pose in baggy clothes for her Instagram selfies now that she’s out of the delivery room. She wore the hottest orange bikini for an Instagram photo and also showed off her slim waist in a dragon print mesh crop top for a Boomerang video. What do you think of her postpartum looks?

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