iFood to start drone delivery tests in October

Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) has granted iFood – the delivery company’s favorite company – an endorsement to carry out experimental flights with drones, which should enter the platform as a hybrid model to reduce delivery times.

The first deliveries should have tests started in October, but in this first phase, drones will not deliver food to customers’ homes.

At the moment, they should only be responsible for executing the first part of the delivery route, which will be completed by a delivery partner on the platform via motorcycle, scooter or bicycle.

The first city contemplated with the novelty will be Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, on a 400-meter route between the food court in a shopping center and a structure within iFood, which will route orders.

According to iFood, deliveries should take an average of two minutes on a stretch before, normally, it would take 12 minutes to be covered by couriers – but remembering that the last part of the route will be completed by couriers.

In a second flight route, also on an experimental basis, the drones will travel 2.5 km between the center of iFood in the mall and a condominium complex located in the vicinity.

In this case, a route that used to take about ten minutes to go will have that time reduced to just four minutes.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more establishments in the food segment are seeking e-commerce to try to alleviate some of the loss of their revenue after remaining closed for several days due to social isolation measures.

IFood reported that the number of restaurants registered on its platform rose from 160,000 to 212,000 from March to June, while the number of monthly deliveries jumped from 30 to 39 million.

Approximately 200 cities in Brazil have already been mapped for the use of drone delivery, which shows that iFood is planning to expand the business model to other municipalities if it is successful in the operation.

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