If AirPods users found a country, what is its population?

Apple AirPods, which impressed users with its development in 3 years, proved itself with its sales success. The website Yac took an interesting approach regarding the number of AirPods users. If AirPods users had established a country, what would be their population?

What would be the population if the country was established with the number of AirPods users?

The AirPods series, which is assumed to reach roughly 110 million users, has the capacity to be the 13th largest country in the world in terms of sales. 60 million pieces of accessories sold in 2019 attract attention with their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) value of more than 58 countries with a cost of about $ 200.

AirPods kullanıcı sayısı ile ülke kurulsaydı nüfusu ne olurdu?

Yac team said, “Although Apple does not share net sales, we came to the conclusion by subtracting the average number of sales from some sources. In 2017, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that 15 million units were sold. As a result of the research conducted by Counterpoint Research in 2018, 35 million units were sold, and in 2019, the Strategy Analytics team stated that 60 million units were sold. “He used expressions.

AirPods, which almost catch up with the iPhone sales speed, earn an average of $ 4 billion annually. AirPods users, who qualified to be the 13th largest country in the world and surpass 58 countries with their GDP value, would be among the top 100 companies in the world with an annual profit margin.

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