IBM launches free technical educational content portal

Always being updated and in search of new knowledge is essential for a professional in any area. For those working with IT, this is even more important as we are talking about a field that is evolving rapidly and steadily.

To help those working in IT, IBM is launching an educational portal dedicated to sharing technical content and enriching the knowledge of these professionals. This is IBM Play, a page that already has a lot of quality information for technicians, programmers, managers and many others.

Discover IBM Play

IBM Play is a portal focused on sharing educational content on a variety of subjects. The idea of ​​the technology giant was to create a disruptive hub so that IT professionals could find quality cases, tutorials and tips on various topics.

Some subjects worked on IBM Play are:

data storage and management;


cloud computing;



servers and hybrid cloud;

digital transformation;

data and artificial intelligence;

Internet of Things;

customer experience.

In addition to these themes, many others may be addressed as new technologies appear on the market. After all, as already mentioned, we are talking about a dynamic segment that is constantly changing.

Therefore, IBM Play will follow this evolution and bring updated and quality content for IT professionals who want to stay connected with these topics.

Events calendar

Another interesting aspect of IBM Play is the fact that the portal also includes a calendar of virtual events. These meetings will be an excellent opportunity to network, learn new content and participate in actions with experts from IBM and the market.

It will be worth keeping an eye on the events that will be held and keeping up to date on these contents so important for IT professionals. If you want to get a taste of what’s to come, you can watch the old webinars and start building knowledge to advance your career.

You can visit and learn about IBM Play by clicking on this link. Save this page to your favorites and visit it frequently to see the news that were shared there.

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