‘I want to go home right away’, Abhinav Shukla is irritated as Salman Khan supports Rakhi Sawant

We saw an episode full of drama tonight and it was all about Rakhi Sawant and Abhinav Shukla. During the time loop task, Abhinav Shukla purposely stepped out in the first round to take the game back into his hand. He kidnapped Rakhi Sawant in the first round himself to keep him away from him. However, Rakhi Sawant was upset as he was doing the task with all his heart and wanted to play the game. But after being kidnapped by Abhinav, she was injured and decided to trouble Abhinav. She keeps taunting and irritating Abhinav. At one point, she even pulled the strings from her shorts. Abhinav calmly asked him not to do this. Rubina learned of this incident the next day from Arshi. She is hurt and shocked and she made it clear to Rakhi that her passes to Abhinav were quite disrespectful. Rubina also calls Rakhi a cheap woman, but Rakhi doesn’t back down. Rakhi told Rubina that she would not stop pursuing Abhinav. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14, Day 119, Twitter Reactions: Fans Ask To Have #HeToo After Rakhi Sawant’s “ Cheap ” Behavior Toward Abhinav Shukla

After this episode, fans and even roommates waited for Salman Khan to deliver a verdict. While many expected Salman Khan to hit Rakhi Sawant, it turns the other way around. Yes, according to the promo, we see Salman Khan saying that Rakhi Sawant is the biggest artist in the house. He asks roommates for whom it is beneficial. The roommates take the name Abhinav Shukla while Rubina says the whole house benefits. Salman Khan asks Abhinav and Rubina if they are both right or the rest of the house. Rubina says there is no right or wrong and Salman Khan says there is. Salman Khan says that only Abhinav benefits from Rakhi. Abhinav gets upset and says he doesn’t want a profit then and he can put his hands together saying that’s it. Salman Khan tells him to listen and not to overreact Also Read – Bigg Boss 14, Day 119, Live Updates: Rakhi Sawant Pulls Abhinav Shukla’s Pants; Rahul Vaidya argues with Arshi Khan

Salman Khan says that if there was something bad or dirty we could have talked about it. Abhinav gets angry and says that if it’s entertainment, he wants to quit the show and go home right away. Rubina kisses Abhinav. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan Does It For Ka Vaar Weekend; Rubina Dilaik and Rakhi Sawant schools for lowbrow content around Abhinav Shukla

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