“I try not to focus on delivering what people expect of me”

Rasika Duggal: If you’re invested in your work, audiences will be invested in your story (Photo credit – Instagram)

Actress Rasika Duggal has said she tries to avoid focusing on what people expect from her while bringing a role to life. She feels that what matters is to invest in her work.

“I try not to focus on delivering what people expect from me. I still believe that if you are invested enough in your work, the audience will be sufficiently invested in your story. The idea is to stay invested and interested in the story, ”Rasika told IANS.

She will soon reprise her role as Dr. Meera in the second season of the “Out Of Love” web series. Previously, she returned in the second season of “Mirzapur”, and soon she will be seen in the second season of “Delhi Crime”.

Commenting on her return to ‘Out Of Love’, Rasika Duggal said, “I find the second season to be very fascinating. It’s a very different experience.

The actress admits there is a certain sense of comfort when it comes to working in a familiar environment.

“It’s comfortable in terms of shooting because you already have a sense of your team – if the team is the same, the frame. For example, the “Mirzapur” team was largely the same, so I already knew my way. I knew what was working and what was not. Once that is all sorted out, you can focus on your job rather than worrying about all of these things. “.

But would the comfort factor be the same if a show lasted, for several seasons? “I don’t know how I would feel if the show spanned so many seasons. I guess there would be a time when you would get a little tired, but I haven’t had that experience yet, so I can’t say, ”said Rasika Duggal.

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