“I share this award with all those who defend progress” – Deadline

Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams received the first-ever NAACP Social Justice Impact Award, which was presented by former First Lady Michelle Obama at the 52nd Annual Image Awards.

She began by thanking her parents for teaching her and her siblings to “see the challenges of our world as opportunities to act”.

She continued, “They taught me and my five siblings that having nothing is no excuse for doing nothing. Instead, they have shown us through words and deeds that we must use our faces as a shield, protect the helpless, use our voices, speak out against injustice, and use our education and our time to resolve issues whose others have turned away. “

She also nodded “to those who have come before, who use their hands, and often their lives, to create the future.” We deserve the giants and infantry who never let their plight stop them from fighting to ensure that this nation lives up to its ideals.

Abrams is recognized for her work during the 2020 election as well as her continued efforts to end voter suppression. “I stand with the organizers and activists who refused to allow the stubborn realities of systemic injustice to prevent them from demonstrating in the streets, at the polls and in the halls of power. I share this award with all who stand up for progress, fairness and truth about who we are and who we are to become as a nation. The one that fins and expands democracy that protects justice as the present promise, not a future hope. A solution that guarantees equality and fairness, knowing that both are necessary and that together we are a nation of impact. “

The show featured a number of political elements, starting with an overture from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

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