“I never strayed from television because it made me who I am today”, says Aditi Sharma

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka, actress Aditi Sharma, who is preparing for her first project in the digital space, says that there had never been any preconceptions about breaking her image as a television actress before get on the web and have chosen the scenario. simply because she liked the concept. She explained at length how she gives more importance to the content than the medium.

The actress clarified: “Nowadays, people say very easily that ‘Oh! She embraced the web because she wants to shed her image as a TV actor, but that’s not true. I started the web because I liked the concept, I didn’t see it as an opportunity to break my image as a television actress. Also, I am an actor who wants to act whatever the medium. I also want to make movies with television and the web. I have never strayed from television because it made me what I am today ”

Professionally, after starring in hit shows like Kaleerein and Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka, Aditi is now pulling up her socks to conquer the digital space with her upcoming Crashh outing with Zain Imam, Anushka Sen and Rohan Mehra in a role. key roles!

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