“I don’t know where they get stuff like that”

Here’s what Ileana D’Cruz has to say about the rumors about her abortion and suicide attempt (Photo credit: Instagram / ileana_official)

Ileana D’Cruz is one of those names that might not appear in the Bollywood industry’s most popular actresses list, but that doesn’t stop her from being the subject of controversy. There has been a lot of false news regarding his life lately. Recently you all must have heard about news that claimed the actress was pregnant and had an abortion.

Finally, Ileana broke the silence on this news and opened up on a lot of things we bet you would definitely want to listen to. Keep scrolling to find out more.

In the latest interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ileana D’Cruz revealed that when she heard the news of her pregnancy and then her abortion, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Ileana shared, “There have been a few. There was one where, apparently, I was pregnant and having an abortion. It’s kinda sad, honestly, that people wrote stuff like that. It was weird. It was in 2018 that rumors about her pregnancy made the headlines. However, she was quick enough to shut down all the rumors by posting a photo on social media saying ‘not pregnant’.

Ileana D’Cruz also opened up about reports that she attempted to kill herself. “There was another where I had committed suicide, not attempted. Very sad. (That) I had committed suicide, but I had survived, and my maid had confirmed the news. I didn’t have a maid, I didn’t try to kill myself, I was alive… It didn’t make sense. I don’t even know where they find stuff like that, ”Ileana said.

Well, we fully understand what the actress must have been going through after reading these rumors about her. Luckily, Ileana D’Cruz is in perfect shape and doing well now! Share your thoughts on these rumors.

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