‘I Care A Lot’ Star Rosamund Pike Wins Third Golden Globe Nomination – Deadline

After recording in a sound booth today for six hours on a ‘Secret Project’, actress Rosamund Pike was overjoyed to learn that she had landed her third Golden Globe nomination, for her turn in the comedy thriller dark netflix, I care a lot.

“It was amazing. Because I had been so headlong on this project, I was blinded by it, to be honest, “Pike told Deadline,” which made it even more magical, really. “

In writer / director J Blakeson’s film, the actress plays Marla, a crook who steals from the elderly, by tricking the judges into appointing her their legal guardian – only to have her plan disrupted, when she plays with the bad individual.

Pike says Marla’s character was immediately compelling, given her “guts and balls, and kind of self-proclaimed lioness status.”

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“It was his appetite, his shamelessness, his ambition, his cruelty, all these traits that, historically, women do not really have to embody,” she adds. “I felt I had to do a bit like what Leonardo DiCaprio had to do the wolf of Wall Street, to have fun while being truly morally doubtful.

Also this year as a pioneer scientist Marie Curie in Marjane Satrapi’s Radioactive, Pike had received Globe nominations in the past for his work in David Fincher Missing girl (2015) and Matthew Heineman’s A private war (2019), which went on to land an Oscar nomination, in the case of the old film.

But with I care a lot– which premiered on Netflix on February 19 – she entered the Actress in a Film – Musical or Comedy category for the first time, her competitors being Maria Bakalova (Next Borat movie), Kate Hudson (The music), Michelle Pfeiffer (French release) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma.).

This kind of recognition was particularly significant, given Pike’s love for comedy, which she had previously shown in Nick Hornby’s short series, State of the Union. “The chance to be funny, when traditionally people think of you as pretty serious, is quite liberating,” she says.

We’ll have to wait and see when the actress gets her next shot at comedy. At the moment, however, she has a number of exciting projects in various stages of development on the dramatic side.

The first is that of Prime Video The wheel of time, an epic fantasy series developed by Rafi Judkins, based on a bestselling book series by the late Robert Jordan. In this upcoming series, she plays Moiraine, the leader of a powerful all-female organization, set in a world of magic. “The wheel of time is a phenomenal world that we’re just starting to play in, ”Pike says. “It’s the first time that a world has looked like this, that I’ve been like, ‘Yeah, I could hang out with these characters for a long time.'”

Then there is The three body problem, a Netflix series developed by The iron Throne“David Benioff and DB Weiss, on whom she only serves as a producer. Based on a sci-fi trilogy by Liu Cixin, it will tell the story of humanity’s first encounter with an alien civilization. “It’s a book I’ve been working on for four years,” Pike explains. “My involvement in this project [was] by finding his ideal home, and we found the most interesting partners. It is really very promising.

As she contemplates her future onscreen, Pike hopes to continue finding roles that she feels she has a unique perspective on, “and that continue to be provocative,” she says. “This is usually my criterion, I want to be provocative in some way.”

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