I can never fake my emotions and my thoughts

Armaan Malik believes he can never fake his emotions and thoughts (Photo credit – Armaan Malik / Twitter)

Singer Armaan Malik made a confession on Tuesday saying he couldn’t fake his emotions and thoughts. Armaan took to Twitter to reveal this aspect of his nature.

“I can never go wrong. My emotions, my thoughts, my energy. It’s like that, ”he tweeted.

Fans of the singer responded to his tweet saying that’s exactly why they love Armaan.

“That’s why we love you so much,” commented one fan.

“It shows how humble you are !! You will continue to be successful in life because you are so transparent! Great role model for young people from India, ”said another fan.

“And we love you as you are. We believe in you, ”shared another fan.

Armaan currently has over 1.2 million Twitter followers and often participates in interactive sessions with them.

The singer recently reminded his fans of the importance of being humble in life. “Whenever I feel weak, I remind myself that what I have now is what I wanted at some point. Count your blessings, ”he tweeted.

Armaan Malik believes that while the world is gradually returning to normal amid the ongoing pandemic, the mood is strange and different. The singer also seems confused about where the world will go after Covid-19.

The singer also took to Twitter and shared his confusion. His fans have also taken note of his opinions and shared what they think.

“Is it normal not to know what normal is anymore?” Malik tweeted on Thursday.

In a separate tweet, Armaan Malik wrote: “Even though things are back to normal somewhat, the mood is weird and different. Is everyone as confused as I am about where the world is going in 2021 and beyond?

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