“I am in contact with myself 24×7”

Supriya Pilgaonkar: “I was meant to be an actor” (Photo credit: Instagram / supriyapilgaonkar)

Actress Supriya Pilgaonkar will soon be seen on Janani. Twenty-seven years after the start of her career, she surprises you by saying that she never planned to be an actress.

“I am extremely grateful to the people who have given me immense love and respect, which I may not even deserve. I am in contact with myself 24 × 7 as a person and actor because of my profession. I don’t know what to say about the career and the success, but I feel lucky that if there are so many actors, who haven’t had the chance, I always say that God has been kind to me and should be nice to everyone too, ”Supriya says.

“I never planned or set out to become an actor. it only happened to me. So many people come and take action, leave their homes. I have never done anything like this. So when I see them, I feel so special and blessed. Maybe I was meant to be an actor and I feel like I was meant to be an actor too. I have nothing but gratitude towards the people I have met during my career as an artist, ”she adds.

Supriya is married to actor-filmmaker Sachin Pilgaonkar and their daughter Shriya also stands out as an actress. Although she is part of a family of artists, Supriya prefers to quit working on set and becomes like any other housewife once she is home.

“I go to my job as a nine-to-five job. I work with passion and then when I come home I’m a housewife but I can see that a lot in my daughter. He is a very passionate person. My husband is the child of the industry and has been working since he was four or five years old. My daughter took after him. He taught this passion to my daughter. This is why I say that everything that happened in my life was planned from above, ”added the actress, who delighted audiences with her roles in“ Tu Tu Main Main ”,“ Radha Ki Betiyaan Kar Dikhayengi ”and“ Sasural Genda Phool ”among many other shows.

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