Hulu reclaims US rights to New Zealand transgender drama ‘Rurangi’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Hulu acquired US rights to New Zealand transgender drama Rurangi by The Yellow Affair.

Directed by Max Currie, the series was also cut into film and is currently in theaters in New Zealand. He recently won the Audience Award at the LGBTQ + Frameline International Film Festival in San Francisco and performed at the New Zealand International Film Festival.

The drama follows transgender activist Caz Davis who returns to the remote and politically divided dairy community of Rūrangi after a decade of absence, in the hope of reconnecting with his father, who has not heard from him since before the Caz transition.

Trans activist Cole Meyers is a screenwriter and series co-producer. Oliver Page is co-creator and writer. The cast includes trans actor Elz Carrad, Kirk Torrance, Āwhina Rose Henare Ashby, Arlo Green, Ramon Te Wake, Aroha Rawson, Renee Lyons, Renée Sheridan.

A second season of the series is currently in development.

The US deal was negotiated by Karoliina Dwyer on behalf of The Yellow Affair. Peccadillo Pictures previously acquired the UK rights and plans to release later this year.

The drama is produced by Craig Gainsborough for Autonomouse and co-produced by Tweedie Waititi, Cole Meyers, Max Currie and Melissa Nickerson. It was created with support from NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, Prospect Films, New Zealand Media and Entertainment and the Goethe Institut.

Director Max Currie said, “I’m soaked in cheap champagne, can’t find my shoe and noise control is probably on its way because Holy Cow we’re streaming on Hulu! It’s proof that the sky is the limit for New Zealand’s burgeoning trans talent, especially newcomer Elz Carrad, who is going to set your hair on fire. I’m more than proud to be able to say: you saw it on Hulu first. “

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