Huawei Could Be a Big Threat to Google

Unable to use Google services after the problems, Huawei both developed its own operating system and established its own mobile services. This rapid adaptation of the Chinese company to new conditions could be a threat to Google.

Huawei, one of the companies most affected by the tension and trade war between the US and China, was deprived of using Google services on new devices. However, the company, which is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, seems to be a pain for Google.

The claim that Google will have difficulty in this matter came from the Financial Times. According to the news in the Financial Times, the company has a chance to repair the smartphone wing itself. Of course, this also means a threat to Google.

Will Huawei’s lack push Google?

According to Forbes’ Zak Doffman report, if Joe Biden is the winner in the US presidential election, a “U-turn” may occur. However, whatever happens, the mobile ecosystem in the world has changed irreversibly. According to Doffman, the dominance of Android and iOS, which seems unshakable, is shaking very hard.

Doffman states that there are two potentials that can change the course after the blacklist incident. The first of these is the rapid rise of Chinese smartphone manufacturers other than Huawei, where Xiaomi is the first to be noticed. There are also companies such as OPPO, vivo, OnePlus and RealMe, as well as Xiaomi, which ranked third in sales by overtaking Apple.

The second was Huawei’s reaction to the bans it faced. The company developed HarmonyOS in response to Android and Huawei Mobile Services in response to Google Mobile Services. Huawei also stated that HarmonyOS will be an open source operating system and other Chinese tech companies should use it as a bridge between China and the west.

Huawei, which has a more limited resource than Google in terms of the applications in its store and the global developer network, is not afraid to invest in these places. Moreover, Huawei executives are very ambitious about the new operating system. Huawei Chairman Guo Ping said a week ago, “The world is looking for a new open system. If Huawei has helped Android’s success, why not make our own system successful,” he said.

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