How to format text messages in a script

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The world is changing – everyone is writing scripts now!

One of the nicest things about screenwriting is that it’s an ever-changing art form. As the world evolves, so does the way we format our scripts. The biggest change in last life that really didn’t happen a decade ago is how much everyone writes.

But how do you format text messages in scripts? And how can you make the texts on the page look good? Today we’re going to discuss all of the tips and tricks and the ways you can format text messages in your script.

Let’s go.

How to format text messages in a script

Characters in your story will travel all over the world and interact with lots of people. More than ever, people stop calling each other. You are writing an SMS. So how do you make this text interchange look good on the page?

There are many reasons why this skill is important. Maybe your characters aren’t fans of phone calls. You also write a lot. Now how would you format text messages on the page? There are two types of texts that need to be addressed. You will receive a single text and a text conversation.

Let’s start with a single text.

How to view a single piece of text in a script

We all got this one text that changed everything. The one who upsets us, scares us or makes us rethink the world. So what would it look like in script format?

Check it out below.

How to format text messages in a script

Yes, it’s that simple. But what if you want to have a text conversation?

How to format a text conversation in a script screen

Maybe your characters are deciding where to go on their first date or gossiping about some local murders. Let’s look at a text conversation. All you have to do is add “(TEXT)” in brackets after the name of the character.

It may be shown more simply than explained. Check it out below.

How to format text messages in a script

If your characters are texting and you want to see both of you on the screen, you can interrupt them at any time in different places, just like with phone calls.

It would look like this …

How to format text messages in a script

Summary of texts in script format

Hopefully this has helped you understand all of the instances and uses for text messaging in movies and on TV, and how they should look on the page. If you have any tips, suggestions, or other things to say on this topic, listen in the comments.

As people develop their forms of communication, we’ll try to keep you updated on how they should look on the script page. Remember, all of this is fluid.

Make sure the reader can clearly see what is happening and that you are on the right foot.

Have fun writing!

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