How to fix wind noise on a GoPro

GoPro cameras are designed to capture the breathtaking scenes of adventures. You can catch the coolest view anywhere – from underwater to a high-speed bike. One thing that can affect your experience with GoPro is wind noise. You will be happy to know that there are several ways to easily reduce the wind effects on your footage.

9 Tips to Fix GoPro Wind Noise in 2021

Below we are going to share with you 9 tips on how to fix GoPro wind noise.

Adjust the noise settings

The good thing is that the GoPro developers are aware of the noise problem caused by wind. For this reason, the newer model of the GoPro has the option “Wind Noise Reduction” in the camera settings. The noise may not be completely cut off, but the settings can reduce the noise a bit. To enable the setting:

  • If you are using Hero8 Black, GoPro Max or Hero7 Black, use the following settings: Go to Settings and enable Protune. Then switch on the wind noise reduction. On the Hero7 Black, you need to select Mic to activate the noise canceling function.
  • If you are using Hero5 Black or Hero6 Black, use the following settings: Open the video mode in the settings in the camera. Then open the advanced settings from there and enable manual audio controls.

Invest in a windshield

A windshield is by far the most effective way of cutting off wind noise from the GoPro. Use the foam windshield for the best result. The attachment absorbs the noise from the air that hits the GoPro’s microphone. It also interrupts the hissing and clicking of sounds so you can only record the sound you expected.

The windshield is pretty cheap and available from Amazon and other online stores. They are also available for all models of the GoPro. Attaching or removing a windshield on a GoPro is pretty easy too.

Edit the sound

You don’t need anything else when you can acquire a little audio editing skills. You can completely remove wind noise, background noise, and other noise that you don’t want. Noise-canceling audio editing software such as Audacity is available free of charge. The technique is highly recommended to polish your GoPro sound.

Opt for an external microphone

You can use an external microphone to get rid of the noise problems. There are many high quality microphones that you can use to record the sound separately. They can help you record better quality sound with less background and wind noise. However, using these mics can be a little inconvenient as you will have to deal with the problems with the wire. They can be difficult to regulate, especially when you’re ingesting something on the go.

Pay attention to your recording time

Well, it might sound ridiculous, but you can wait for the perfect time to record the video. I know it is not an ideal solution when you are adventurous. However, if you are advertising it is worth waiting for a crisp sound. This allows you to record clear sounds to keep the viewer in focus. You can check the weather forecast to see when the wind is lowest.

Shoot from a shelter

If you want to mount the camera on something, try mounting it in a place where the wind effect is less. It works like a charm to reduce the wind noise of the video. Take a few minutes to find a suitable sheltered location to mount the GoPro.

Mount the camera on something stable

The GoPro must be in a stable base. This is because the sound on the microphone gets harsher if it moves a lot. Try to use a well-designed mount that will keep the device stable. Before you buy, be sure to check the GoPro mount ratings to ensure the quality.

Open the waterproof case

All GoPro come with a protective case that protects the device from water and dust. It’s very effective in ensuring the durability of the device, but the GoPro can pick up the sound more efficiently without the case. So you can remove it to capture more of the sound you want to capture. This can overwrite the noise.

Be aware of the risk you are exposed to after removing the case. Once you remove the case, the device is no longer dustproof or waterproof.

Pay attention to the voice control

Voice control is one of the cool features on the GoPro for giving the commands you need hands-free. But sometimes voice control can make the device more susceptible to wind noise. So pay attention to the voice control if you want to reduce the wind noise.

These are some of the most useful tips for removing wind noise from GoPro. If you know anything else, please let us know through a comment.

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