How ratings and algorithms affect your filmmaking career

What is Pacino-ing?

New products from the technology company Atomos and what’s up with IMDb ratings? If you have any concerns about how the dreaded algorithm will affect your career, then this episode should be definitely watched.

In this episode we talk about …

  • “Pacino-ing” – Al Pacino likes the challenge of being in bad movies to try to improve them, and because of that, his career seems to be on a downward trend.
  • How some actors like Pacino and DeNiro got off to a really strong start and have now appeared in increasingly poor films. But other actors like Chris Pine and Chris Evans had the reverse Pacino effect.
  • Take a look at where data for good films versus bad films comes from, who gives the ratings (critics versus audience) and what that means – especially in the context of modern film against the 1970s.
  • Atomos, the Australian technology company that has some amazing products.
  • Atomos I just announced the new version of Ninja Stream which has some interesting features, especially for on-set social distancing.
  • IMDb and internet rating systems – including a case study where weighted users with just a few low ratings can lower a rating average.
  • How much of the internet is controlled by algorithms that are very imperfect.
  • Different theories about how ratings and algorithms might work.

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