How much does it cost to dress like BTS’s Jungkook?

Do you want to copy Jungkook’s wardrobe? Start saving to do it.

How much does it cost to dress like Jungkook? BTS has become a hugely popular group in K-pop, so its profits are huge thanks to sales of millions of records, as well as official merchandise, concerts, and sponsorships.

In addition to conquering ARMY with their music, the boys have also shown a strong taste for fashion. Jungkook is no exception and the idol has paraded in airports, videos and stages with youthful and casual clothes that make him a super model.

How much does the clothes you wear cost and what brands do you prefer?

We know that you can take inspiration from Jungkook’s outfits to show your love and even to go to one of his shows and show that he is your bias, but is that enough? Apparently you will have to save a lot, but you can also buy some clothes similar to those of the idol with little money, because his wardrobe is full of various clothes of different styles and prices.

Jungkook Closet

For photo shoots or casual looks, the idol usually dresses in clothes that range from $ 55, such as pajamas that he usually wears in black. Also wears pants and overalls from the H&M brand, you would have to spend from 50 to 34 dollars. Something accessible to non-famous people.

You can even replicate his classic Korean dress known as Modernized hanbok, which is a kind of very comfortable pajama-like suit and its price on Amazon is $ 89, although if you talk about his shoes the idol prefers to wear Saint Laurent boots and clothes Gucci brand that reaches 1680 dollars

MV / Presentations

On the fashion he wears in BTS music videos and performances, Jungkook has stolen his eyes and has even sold out the clothes without even promoting them despite their price.

He “Fire” era is from the Wacko Maria brand and cost $ 302, it is not that expensive, but you do need to save.

For your Mic collaboration. Drop wore a slightly accessible $ 493 sweatshirt from the OFF-WHITE brand. For the DNA MV, he showed his liking for Gucci again by wearing a shirt priced at $ 910.

In presentations such as the AMA 2017, his debut in the American music ceremony, BTS wanted to shine before the public and his Gucci jacket, which costs more than you could save in a year: $ 2,915, attracted much attention. We know less that Kookie looked very handsome in his .

Finally, for Fake Love, Jungkook opted for $ 969 Unravel Project brand jeans and a $ 3,455 zebra shirt and red jacket.


Jungkook has chosen to show off his Rolex, which are famous for being the most expensive, a watch can cost more than 6 thousand dollars. The backpacks with which he usually travels are from the Union Objet brand and cost $ 170, also somewhat accessible if you want to travel in style.

Midas effect?

In a presentation, Jungkook wore a white Neil Barret brand shirt that cost more than 10,600 Mexican pesos, but managed to sell out on the Farfetch site. Another of his fashion trends was the $ 695 turquoise satin shirt from the Sies Marjan brand, another shirt from the same blue brand that he wore at BTS’s Seasons Greetings came in over a thousand dollars.

And if you believed that the world of fashion is the only thing that Jungkook leads , you are wrong, the idol is very popular that users are very interested in it, which is why it took over the Internet by positioning itself as the most sought-after celebrity in what goes from 2020.

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