How many Ks do you need? Blackmagic Week special episode

Charles, George, Jo, and Kath explain everything Blackmagic related, such as using the 6K Pro for a night walk and talk, clearing up any misinformation about 12K, and also whether you should bother, Fusion and To learn fairlight.

In this episode we talk about …

  • Night walks and conversations and why they’re more complicated than you think.
  • Why RAW shots are important when there are different color temperatures.
  • Production budgets and when it makes most sense to shoot RAW.
  • Different cameras that can and cannot record RAW.
  • The pros and cons of Instagram casting.
  • Resolutions and what everyone should know about 12K and delivery formats and recording formats.
  • How filming has changed since the introduction of digital images.
  • Why 4K could be the final broadcast format.
  • Fusion and Fairlight and which tools freelancers should know.

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