How has the number of Steam users affected by COVID-19

With the spread of the corona virus around the world in March, quarantine decisions were taken in many countries. During the quarantine process, many people had to meet their needs from home instead of going to school and work. The number of users in the TV series, movie and game services has also increased as the time people stay at home has increased. So how was the number of Steam users affected by this quarantine process? Details are in our news.

A second quarantine process is planned and spoken in many countries. Some countries such as France and England have already made quarantine decisions.

The number of Steam users increased during the quarantine period

Due to the corona virus, many countries decided to quarantine for a while in March. With the spread of the virus, habits around the world varied, while the time spent at home increased. Steam, which had approximately 20 million instant users before March, saw 25 million users with the start of the quarantine process. One of the reasons for the rise until March is seen as the quarantine decision implemented in China.

Towards August 20 million users fell below, after August the number of Steam users has increased again. With the increase in the number of countries making a second quarantine decision worldwide, the number of users is expected to increase.

With the increase in the number of users, data usage has also increased significantly. The most used bandwidth belongs to the Asian continent with 3.8 Tbps. The continent of Europe comes after Asia with 3 Tbps, while the continent of America takes the third place with 2.5 Tbps.

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