How does Ted Lasso’s halftime speech sums up the show’s theme?

Ted Lasso won our hearts and minds with his optimistic topic.

Whenever I need motivation in my life or when writing, I look for clips from a movie or TV show that inspire me. Last year I was served a sucker. It seems like the entirety of Ted Lasso could pump anyone up, but I found that his half-time speech was the antidote to the feeling of depression and the writer’s blockade.

One reason I think this show is so successful is because it has a wonderful theme. So what is Ted LassoTheme? And what makes the halftime speech so special?

Check it out and let’s talk afterwards.

How does Ted Lasso’s halftime speech sums up the show’s theme?

Don’t you just feel refreshed and invigorated after watching this clip? Now let’s look at the themes of the show so we can see how that really affects them.

To do this, I’d like to see who is one of the creators and the star of the show, Jason Sudeikishave to say about it.

In an interview with Indian ExpressJason Sudeikis shared that although “we are culturally different” we are all “similar at the macro level” to “we all go through many of the same things”.

Sudeikis Because we all have the same feelings on this planet, the show has touched people all over the world, not just American audiences. He continued, “Because life and death, good and bad, are omnipresent and there are themes Ted Lasso these are more on a human level, although everything is drawn through the prism of an American eye. But yes, we deliberately accepted the international challenges. ”

How does that fit the speech?

In sports films and television shows, audiences are often asked to see the situation in sports and apply things to their own life. The burden of the metaphor is on us. But because Ted Lasso is a show about people and universal humanity, the metaphor is given to us. And it applies to people all over the world.

The speech is about embracing change and being courageous. These are universal themes that are also the core of the show. Ted is a guy who was sent from America to train a sport that he’s not an expert at. He loses his wife, works to feel alienated, and seeks to earn the respect of his players and the city. Since everything is delivered through the show, we know it’s really about him when he gives this uplifting talk.

But it’s also about what every player needs to hear. Who doesn’t believe in themselves? Who needs to put aside ego and age to do the best for the team?

The audience also poses this question, not in a metaphorical sense, but asks us what changes have influenced us and what keeps us going. And all in less than two minutes.

That kind of brevity in writing strikes because the ethos or theme of the show makes us all human. The universal emotions we go through just to survive.

This speech hits that on the head and centers it for the audience no matter where in the world they are.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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