How do two monitors fit on a small desk?

Of course, while using a monitor for normal computer work, you need to place the computer equipment in the right place. However, if you need to set up a dual monitor computer even though your desk is small, you can think about managing the desk size with requirements. You can manage the monitors at your desk size to maintain other important aspects like monitor arms, stands, cable routing, bracket, etc. However, this won’t help customize your desk, especially if you have a small desk. So you need to choose the optimal desk size for further work.

Here we look back how to put two monitors on a small desk and know how to manage two monitors on a small desk. We will show you how to place the monitors perfectly and how it is more convenient to fit perfectly on a small desk. So let’s talk about it-

How small desks should be suitable for dual monitors?

Before deciding on a desk, you should consider what form factors are usually appropriate to get your job done flawlessly. If you are thinking of using multiple monitors, and if the desk you choose first isn’t shaping, your job could fail. So before you think about using multiple monitors for your work, it is helpful to take steps to get a desk the right size.

Generally, the standard size monitors are at least 24 inches for better viewing. However, think of places like wide monitors in a small desk. To get the job done, the table size should be larger than the overall size of the format. In this case, the size of the desk should be 50-55 inches. However, you can manage the monitors in a vertical orientation that takes up less space. By the way, if you can manage the desk size, monitor size, and the placement of other accessories in the right place, it will be more convenient to use two monitors on a small desk.

Does it make sense to put two monitors on a small desk?

If you have no choice but to fit into a tiny desk space, the procedure should be well cared for and done right away. We can consider avoiding limited space for two monitors, but sometimes it has to be more specific. If you think placing two monitors on a small desk is good practice, there are other form factors that you need to understand, some of which can help manage your desk size and fit your monitors properly.

Management of the desk size

In most cases, the desk size has a direct impact on the overall process. While you work at your desk, you spend most of your time in front of your desk and monitor. That is why the management of the desk is very important. In some cases, you may need to customize the desk by using two monitors. Adjustment is really helpful in getting rid of other permanent health problems like back pain, working at the same time, eye contact, etc. When you can manage the desk size, the whole process becomes easy for you.

Manage the monitor size

If you have a small desk, managing monitor size is the most important factor. You have to be tricky to put it on that little part of the desk. Several steps of initiative can help you get the job done. However, if you do not set up the monitors correctly, the process will not take place. So, you can properly operate the task by holding one monitor vertically and another horizontally as usual. Or if you have an extra small desk you can consider a monitor, but if you’re in a hurry to set up a dual monitor, both monitors can be used vertically. Although it is not recommended as per your needs, you can think about it.

Mouse and keyboard placement

Now that you’ve got the monitors in place, it’s time to put the keyboard and mouse in place. Most desks, however, have a system of drawers to secure space for a mouse and keyboard, but if you don’t have that option for your personal desk, you’ll need to put those accessories on the table. This means that the space on the computer desk is reduced.

How do two monitors fit on a small desk?

If you want to accommodate two monitors filigree on a small desk. There are a few key events that you should consider that really fit these steps. However, some factors give you additional benefits in using two monitors wisely, and some factors give you the leeway to make the desk suitable for the two monitors. Let’s look back-

Distance between monitor

If you work with a tiny desk then you can go to the market with a space-saving monitor. It helps you manage the space on your desk and gives you the perfect space for other accessories. If you think about the distance between two monitors and regulate the area, you can get the right placement of the dual monitor on your small desk. So you have to go for a space-saving monitor to get a compact formulation of the small desk.

Monitor arm, stand and clamp assembly

For mounting with a monitor and arm, you’ll need a VESA mount to get it right. Some important monitor arms require these functions which can help you on various occasions. Like its stability and flexible movement, you can use it easily and get rid of back pain, eye contact, neck pain and other health problems.

Aside from having a small desk, the guaranteed requirement is that you can easily pull the monitor back and forth and make both monitors compact on the small desk.

Desk space and desk storage

To accommodate the dual monitors on a small desk, consider the desk space and storage space for better management. Due to the various circumstances, you may need to rearrange the accessories behind the table so that they help your desk exactly and are suitable for two monitors.

By the way, if you have limited space on the table, you should adjust the position of the other accessories. If you do what we say here, you can easily manage the desk space for further monitor setup.

Location on two displays

If you plan to mount two monitors at the same time, the display location is important so that you can adjust it for long-term and easy use. If you have little space for both monitors, you can insert one monitor horizontally, but another vertically. Or you can set up both monitors using monitor arms. In both cases you feel touched by the dual display in the small desk.

Cable management

Cable management isn’t the most important aspect of putting the two monitors on top of the small desk because when you’ve finally got the full process set up, the cable will get by in the right hole or spot on your desk if you don’t have a dedicated cable management system you can use easily create a path. But don’t forget to reserve the desk space specifically for cable management.

V-shaped monitor management

A small desk needs more space for perfect adaptation to the monitors. If you have two monitors, whether or not they have a desk mounting problem, you can create a V-shaped angle within the gap between two monitors. It helps to adjust to the position and the V-shaped structure gives you enough space in front of the monitors. So, these techniques can help you use two monitors on your small desks.

What precautions should you take?

There are some precautions you need to take when placing the monitors on the table. Failure to do so can cause problems and damage to your computer equipment. Some precautions should be strictly followed and some require regular maintenance.

What you should consider when inserting the monitors

  • Get a companion while you set up.
  • After you’ve unpacked it and placed it on the table, check out the screws that are tight enough.
  • You can easily check the flexibility by vibrating the stand.
  • Keep two monitors a little apart first, and then if the desk is very compact, try moving the monitors closer together.


Often times, you will need to install two monitors for normal purposes. But sometimes the desk size is not suitable to accommodate two monitors at the same time. But if you think about how to put two monitors on that little desk, the procedure and question topic will help you keep the problem going and solve the problems.

If you can keep the basic computer accessories and position them correctly on the small part of the desk, then no matter how heavy it is, you can perfectly place both monitors on the desk. Just put the important things on the table and sort out optional things that come off the desk.


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