How did the ‘F9’ crew flip a £ 52,000 truck?

I freaked out on this stunt.

I’m not sure about you, but I went to the theater at the first opportunity I could see F9. It’s an extreme entry into the series that allows director Justin Lin and stunt coordinator Andy Gill to do some crazy stunts. The mix of practical and CGI made the movie scenes look real and exciting.

But how did they do their greatest stunts? For example, when they swung a car off a cliff, made other cars look magnetized, and how they made a 26-ton three-piece car drive upside down?

Check out this video from insider and let’s talk afterwards.

How did The Fasting and the Furious Crew flipping a 52,000 pound truck?

One of the things that made me most happy to see F9 The focus was on so many practical stunts, from using crane arms to slew cars to special rails built to create the impression that a magnet was sucking in a car from the side.

When it came time for the truck flip, I had flashbacks too The dark knightwhen Christopher Nolan knocked the truck over with one arm. A similar idea has been used here, but on a larger scale (which is wild to typify).

First they had to travel a long distance to get the truck up to speed. Then they used other cars to make the speed look different. To turn the truck around, they used CGI, a pneumatic arm, and then a bunch of shots from different angles that they sewed together.

The trick in this movie really has to do with setting up your footage and using a couple of cameras so that in post-production you can remove any hint of the system and just focus on the image. They also played quick and easy at rehearsals, using toys to show what needs to happen and then experimenting on a large scale to make sure they could get things right and safe.

What was your favorite shot in the whole movie?

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