How did motion smoothing revive Jason and the Argonauts?

I love watching classic movies, but their VFX can get you out of the story.

There’s nothing like sitting down and watching a classic adventure movie. There is something about music and bold acting that feels a surge of energy. The problem is, some of the effects don’t stand the test of time.

One of my favorites is the 1963 film Jason the Argonauts. It was shot in Eastman Color and has a Bernard Herrmann score. It was very advanced when it came out.

The film was shot in collaboration with stop-motion animation master Ray Harryhausen, whose work has now been smoothed out to make it look even better. See how CaptRobau used an AI program to interpolate the scene to a higher frame rate to see what that would look like.

I think that makes the pictures clearer. It’s hard to see the noticeable changes in all the scenes, but when you see the giant running smoothly and the skeletons fighting smoothly, the work definitely lasts a little longer.

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