How BTS behaves on a normal day off camera

Some lucky people have met BTS in the restaurants they visit, so they share their experience about what these idols are like in daily life.

The members of BTS have become big stars around the world, the followers of this idol group probably wonder what the boys are like in their day to day and, some lucky people have managed to discover it.

The interest in BTS boys and their activities is so great that when someone agrees with them, they do not hesitate to share their experience .

That’s what happened when someone who wasn’t a fan of the group met them at a Korean restaurant dedicated to selling gukbap. In that place were RM, Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook , but what image did this person take after seeing them?

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During their stay at the place, the four boys had a lot of fun, they kept laughing and continued taking photos of each other while joking , so they flooded the restaurant with a positive vibe .

The person who coincided with them assured that the members of BTS managed to infect him with their joy but also, the members of the idol group spoke repeatedly about their concerts and the fans, which demonstrated the way they care about giving a good show and appreciation for his followers.

Once they finished their gukbap, instead of competing with each other not to pay for the food, they all volunteered to cover the costs of their visit and had to decide by playing rock paper or scissors.

In addition, the boys showed their courtesy by saying goodbye to the owner and thanking him for the food, saying that they had enjoyed his dishes.

Even offstage, BTS members reveal their good attitude. Recently, BTS and BigHit were studied by Harvard due to their worldwide success.

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