Hot planet step from the European Space Agency

The European Space Agency has taken a new step for hot planet research. With the new mission called ARIEL, research will be done on hot and warm planets. The research will focus on the chemical composition of these planets. It is stated that 1,000 exoplanets will be examined within the scope of the mission.

The full name of the mission was designated as Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey (Atmospheric Remote Sensing Infrared Outer Planet Large Survey). As part of this mission, the telescope, which will enable the research of the planets, will be launched into orbit.

European Space Agency on hot planet search

Space exploration continues as well as NASA. Now the agency has started to focus on hot and warm planets. Will be able to learn how planets are formed by studying the chemical composition and thermal structures of planets. In addition, the atmospheres of the planets will also be examined.

The European Space Agency will launch a telescope into orbit for hot planet research. Göran Pilbratt, who works as a researcher at ESA, stated that the aim is to extract the characteristic features of exoplanets. It was reported that work has been carried out since 2018 for his mission named ARIEL.

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When a certain part of the work is completed, the construction of the spacecraft will begin. After the completion of the procedures, it is aimed to launch the telescope from French Guiana in 2029. 6 rockets will be used in the process.

Theresa Lueftinger, one of the researchers of the ARIEL project, stated that it will be possible to understand our own region by researching distant planets. The work focuses mainly on chemical media and composition.

However, PLATO, which is planned to be launched in 2026, is among other information that will work with ARIEL.

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