Horizon Zero Dawn and Darksiders 3

The Guerrilla Games game is one of the outstanding titles that join the service’s catalog, but not the only one.

PlayStation Now continues to add quality video games to its catalog, also from Sony itself. In a press release, the Japanese company has revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn will be among the additions for December 2020. Along with the adventure starring Aloy, users of the service —available on PS4, PS5 and PC— will have the opportunity to enjoy Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last, Darksiders 3, Stranded Deep, The Surge 2, and Broforce.

The version of Horizon Zero Dawn that will be accessible will be nothing more and nothing less than the Complete Edition, which means that players will immerse themselves in both the base game and its large expansion, The Frozen Wilds. Guerrilla Games, the creators of Killzone, are the authors of this action adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. The Dutch are currently working on Horizon: Forbidden West, the sequel for PS4 and PS5.

Adventure, action and racing

When THQ went bankrupt, many of its intellectual properties were acquired by other studios. The company name itself was bought, and THQ Nordic emerged, which owns many of the previous company’s licenses. Thus, they set to work to create Darksiders 3, a direct continuation of the previous two that PlayStation Now users will be able to relive again. The Surge 2, for its part, follows in the wake of the Dark Souls formula to offer a product as difficult as it is fun.

Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last is waiting for us crazy races from the creators of FlatOut, while Broforce is a two-dimensional run & gun. The last of the titles is Stranded Deep, which bets on the survival genre.

PS Now already has a catalog of more than 700 games. Players can choose between three different subscriptions: the monthly (9.99 euros), the quarterly (24.99 euros) and the annual (59.99 euros). Do not confuse this service as PlayStation Plus, which offers other alternative benefits.

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