Hollywood sign destroyed, LAPD detains trespassing suspects – Deadline

There has been a drama over the Hollywood sign today that appears to be a poorly managed case of good cause.

About 90 minutes ago the landmark towering over the city saw the W and D attempted to be changed to Bs to read “Hollyboob”. An almost instantaneous splash on social media, the change saw the LAPD quickly dispatched to the scene in patrol cars and with a helicopter.

A scene that has now seen six people detained and likely to be officially arrested for trespassing soon, ministry officials told Deadline. The purpose of this facelift appears to have been an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer, according to a police source, individuals told cops when they were caught red-handed, so to speak.

The LAPD Security Services Division is in charge of the operation, with assistance from the Hollywood Division of the Force. We also learn that due to the incident at the somewhat fortified panel, the police presence will be increased in the days and possibly weeks to come.

Trespassing is a felony that is usually punished with a fine of around $ 75 to $ 250. In this case, due to the high-profile nature of the issue under consideration, the fine may be higher and the cold may have even greater consequences.

This is of course far from the first time that the supposedly well-protected world-famous letters have been altered. During the sign’s 98-year history, there have been many attempts, such as in 2017 when it was changed to read “Hollyweed”.

Like today’s effort and many others, this one went up in smoke pretty quickly too.

For the record, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October, if you are wondering.

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