‘Holidate’ and ‘Christmas Chronicles 2’ draw big numbers for Netflix – Deadline

Netflix’s Christmas push has paid off, it seems, attracting big numbers for two of its festive titles – Holidate and The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two.

The streamer revealed that Emma Roberts Holidate was watched by 68 million homes in its first 28 days, while Kurt Russell The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2 was watched by 61M.

These are the last feature film figures released by the streamer, who said that George Clooney’s Midnight sky was to be watched by 72 million people during the same period and We can be heroes had a projected audience of 53M.

Animated functionality Above the moon, directed by Glen Keane, was watched by 43M, with the streamer saying the film had “high levels of re-viewing” and Just another Christmas, The original Brazilian holiday movie starring Leandro Hassum has been watched by 26 million households since its launch.

Netflix / Left Bank

Separately, Netflix claimed that more households watched season four of The crown in its first 28 days than each of the previous seasons. The streamer, however, did not reveal viewership figures for season four, but said more than 100 million households had watched the Left Bank-produced drama since its debut.

Last January, he claimed that the royal drama had been watched by 21 million households in its first four weeks, with a total of 72 million households having watched since 2016.

Other international audience figures include Korean-language horror series Sweet Home, which was watched by 22M and Alice in Borderland, a sci-fi thriller from Japan, which scored 18M.

It comes after he revealed earlier today that the French heist drama was a hit with a projection of 70 million homes to watch.

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