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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi joined Amanda Gorman for a virtual question-and-answer session on International Women’s Day, and the young poet laureate posed a semi-personal question for both of them: “I have some interest in the public sphere, and I wanted to ask you: what advice would you give to your 23 year old, or to me, you know?”

Gorman, whose inaugural reading in Escape from The hill that we climb landed her on Time’s cover, said she was planning to run for president, and the response she got was words of encouragement.

“When women think about the path they can take, they should feel very confident about who they are and write down their experiences, whether positive or negative, as a plus. And if they have any questions about it, they should be inspired by you, ”Pelosi said. “I believe the arts are what will save our whole society.”

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“You have the ability to express aspirations and give people a voice they didn’t know they had, and good leadership does that,” Clinton said. “So if you are pursuing your goal of running for president, you can take each day and think about how you can use your gift to try and uplift other people so they know they are not alone. . “

The event was actually a fundraiser, for the Clinton and Pelosi Political Action Committees, the Onward Together Committee and PAC to the Future, respectively. Tickets started at $ 25 per person and went up to $ 10,000, and although there was some reluctance on social media about the price, the session is on Youtube. About 6,000 people participated, along with Chrissy Teigen.

Gorman also asked questions submitted by attendees, including whether Clinton and Pelosi have a tip or method for dealing with “ridiculous people.” How do you deal with men when you sit down at the table? “

Pelosi highlighted what she said was a common experience for women: “You are at a table. You make a suggestion. Two people later the same suggestion comes out of a man’s mouth and people say, “What a great idea.” And you say, “Well, I just said that two minutes before.” And I decided that the reason this was happening was that they weren’t really listening when the women were talking. They didn’t even hear it. He was not ignorant of it. They didn’t even listen. It’s very different when you have the hammer.

Clinton said, “I really encourage other women to repeat what a woman has said. So for example, if I’m at a table with Nancy – that doesn’t happen anymore because she’s the speaker with the hammer – but in the old days, if she said, what about, what about , I think you jump in and say, “I think that’s a really good point from Nancy. What do you all think? You kind of force the attention on the woman speaking.

She added, “I also think the humor and the straightforward looks go a long way. When people say scandalous, ignorant, intolerant, silly things – and sometimes they don’t even know the impact of what they’re saying and how it’s going, what it does for women who hear it – I think that you can just watch like, ‘Do you really mean it? I didn’t expect to hear that come out of you. Something that raises the issue without taking the club out. Sometimes you have to take the club off, but if you can get your point across without bringing it out … you can use a little humor to broadcast the situations to give people a little space so that they are more aware of how they came.

Pelosi then added, “I always tell my members, ‘Start with a feather. You might end up with a hammer, but… ”

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