Here’s why it could turn out to be a risky project for Shah Rukh Khan!

Pathan: Shah Rukh Khan is coming back from a sabbatical and here’s why it’s risky! (Photo credit – Instagram / Twitter)

Siddharth Anand – the man behind films like Salaam Namaste, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Bang Bang, War, is now leading one of the most anticipated projects, namely Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan. Even without official confirmation from the production house, the buzz around this is considerably good.

From the news of Salman Khan’s cameo to filming high octane action footage in Dubai, there have been plenty of positive things to go viral even before the official announcement. Recently, it was revealed that Aditya Chopra is following a Marvel-type strategy to announce YRF’s entire roster of upcoming films, which will also include Pathan.

The bigger you go, the higher you raise the bar for your project’s expectations – that’s the formula Siddharth Anand used for his last two films. Talking about Bang Bang in 2014 – a stylish pair, foreign locations, few never-before-seen action sequences, and a ho-hum story (can’t fully blame Anand as the story comes up)

Things haven’t changed much for the 2019 war as well – a stylish pair (Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff), foreign locations, few never-before-seen action sequences, and a ho-hum story. Now, we’re sure you’ve already noticed where the problem lies in these two examples.

If we go out of the Sid Anand area, we also have the Saaho de Prabhas to consider. It had all the makings of a commercial masala movie and also performed well at the box office. Many reviews on social media have pointed out the weakness of the lack of a good story in place. Pretty much on lines similar to Bang Bang & War.

You must be thinking that if a Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff could win over 300 crore at the box office, it must get easy for Shah Rukh Khan. This will not be the case. The fact that he’s coming back from an almost three-year sabbatical now (which will stretch to nearly four years until the film’s release) will help somehow gain the initial buzz. But it takes a lot more than that now.

Tiger Shroff covered up the lack of a solid storyline with his insane ability to perform stunts. John Abraham is the perfect choice for Pathan as he will easily adapt to the support of an “elegant hero” for Siddarth Anand. He will try to infuse all his “urbanity” through the character of John by giving him shades of gray.

But, where is the risk? Siddharth Anand will need an extremely strong script to justify Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in the film. If the story doesn’t click, Pathan will be less likely than Bang Bang & War to work.

With Salman Khan on board and the exciting rumors of a spy universe, Pathan seems to be on the right track for now. All of this comes at a cost that must be brought under control for the film to be commercially viable. Anyone with proper business knowledge should know that a Tiger + Hrithik or Katrina-Hrithik movie costs you much less than a Shah Rukh Khan-John Abraham-Deepika Padukone movie.

Do you remember Thugs Of Hindostan? Hadn’t this movie all worked out in his favor until it did? Before that, it was Aamir Khan who was just defying all the rules proving an exception with Dhoom 3. Despite a bit of negativity surrounding it, Dhoom 3 was a box office blockbuster. Pathan will need to take the Dhoom 3 lane (with a better story) and not the Thugs Of Hindostan lane.

This could be the movie Shah Rukh Khan needs right now, but Siddharth Anand needs to radically change the way he writes his scripts and focus as much on execution as on styling.

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