Here’s what other BTS members think of Suga

Do you agree with how the BTS members described Suga?

Ever wonder how the BTS members would describe each other? Working and living together, you can get to know each other better than anyone!

In an interview several years ago, they were asked to describe each other. Despite the time that has passed, the ARMY believes that the members of this famous K-Pop group continue to think this of Suga, known as Agust D, or his real name Min Yoon-gi, is the main rapper of BTS and a dedicated songwriter and record producer.

This is what the BTS think of Suga

Jin assures that Suga: He likes to stay in bed. He knows a lot about different things and he uses it to always help people. It’s hilarious how you get all this random information.

J-Hope claims that Suga or Agust D: It’s great. He’s very stubborn. Meticulous, he acts disinterested even when interested.

V: You know a lot. He’s pretty good on stage. Really lethargic.

Jungkook: Old man. But he has an overflowing passion for music. Very knowledgeable. But he is still an old man.

RM: He has more resentment than you think. But if you get to know it, it’s really smooth. Knows a lot of random things. Grandfather. You would think it would be cool, but it’s not loving. He likes music. Passionate and persistent. You can say what you want and what you don’t want directly. Elegant.

Jimin: He talks too directly. He has no doubts, and this is my opinion, but I think he likes to receive the love of the other members.

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