Here’s What Anushka Sharma Thinks About Getting A Haircut From Virat Kohli

Anushka and Virat are so cute together (courtesy anushkasharma )

New Delhi:

Anushka Sharma trended a great deal recently for treating husband Virat Kohli to a personalised salon┬ásession and for sharing glimpses of that in an ROFL video. Now, just in case Virat thought of returning the favour to her, he needs to see this. On Friday evening, Anushka shared a cartoon of herself and Virat, created by caricature artist Arpit Dudwewal, in which Virat can be seen trimming her hair. With the cartoon, she also shared her thoughts on what if Virat was to give her a haircut. “Umm… the reverse, is NOT happening,” wrote Anushka, revealing that she may have styled Virat’s hair but he doesn’t het to do the same to her. LOL.

Here’s what Anushka Sharma shared on her Instagram story.


Screenshot of Anushka Sharma’s Instagram story

Here’s the hair-cutting video shared by Anushka, who captioned it: “Meanwhile, in quarantine.” While getting his hair trimmed, Virat said: “This is what quarantine does to you. We allow things like this to happen. Getting a haircut with kitchen scissors! Can you see this gradual fade? Beautiful haircut by my wife.”

Meanwhile, Anushka is doing a pretty good job of making Virat feel that he’s still connected to the pitch and his game. She shared a video of her irritatingly saying: “Kohli, chauka maar na” and captioned it: “I thought he must be missing being on the field. Along with the love he gets from millions of fans, he must be especially missing this one particular type of fan too. So I gave him the experience.”

Anushka was preoccupied with her production projects before the lockdown began. For Virat, the Indian Premier League (IPL) which was scheduled to begin from March 29 has been postponed.

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