Here’s how Vidya Balan is spreading body positivity

Vidya Balan sets up a much-needed conversation for this World Health Day (Photo Credit: Instagram / Vidya Balan)

One of India’s best actors and a seemingly true incarnation of a Boss woman, Vidya Balan is an ultimate inspiration for every woman. Whether it was her on-screen performances or her body positivity, Vidya has always been the most vocal and unfiltered in giving her opinion to the world. Being among the top performers in the glitter and glamor industry, Vidya has never propagated trends that she herself doesn’t believe in.

Carrying her body beautifully and slamming the shammers for their unrequited remarks, Vidya instilled our faith in “ Beauty comes in all sizes. ” Meaning the same on the perfect ‘World Health Day’ occasion, Vidya took to her Instagram to give us a glimpse of reality before stepping back onto the wagon without thinking. Putting a series of witty photos of herself playing the ‘three Gandhiji monkeys’, Vidya wrote:’ People always turn around and tell me your weight equals your health but your weight should be part of your health, not part of your identity World Health Day
#worldhealthday ”.

Often left behind and questioned for her weight, Vidya has taken the issue head-on and established the right to say that a person’s worth is not defined by the number on the scale. Spreading the word on ‘World Health Day’ Vidya gives us a moment of awareness that a person’s health goes beyond the narrow limits of weight, centimeters on the tape, etc. It’s more what your body has to say and how you feel about it.

Opening the doors to a wider conversation for a healthier future, Vidya has always brought to light the subtlety with which we are ashamed and harm the self-image of others. It’s high time we just didn’t take words for their meaning and read between the lines, for Vidya inspires us with her small but meaningful effort.

Last seen experiencing the journey of a living human-computer in “Shakuntala Devi”, Vidya will next be seen in “Sherni”. Scheduled to be released in the OTT space, the film revolves around the female forest officer solving the problems of human-animal encounters.

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