Here’s how to install Google Play Services on the FireStick

Play Store is the largest source of games and apps for Android-based devices. According to the 2020 statistics, around 2.56 million apps are available on the platform. The Android apps are open source and can be downloaded from anywhere. However, it is recommended to use the Play Store app to download the official apps safely.

Since the Firestick runs on an Android-based operating system, you can remember to use the Store app on your Amazon Firestick device. Below we are going to discuss how you can have the Google Play Store on Firestick. Go through the article further to confirm the detailed information about it.

How to install Google Play Services on Firestick

The Google Play Store app is not officially available in the Amazon App Store, the official app platform of Amazon Firestick. However, you can enjoy the Play Store on the Firestick by following any of the methods below. Before installing, please note that you cannot access most of the apps in the Play Store via Firestick. You can mainly enjoy the streaming and its apps.

Google Play Store on Firestick with a downloader

The Google Play Store app can be easily downloaded via a downloader app. Before attempting the download, there are a few settings you need to tweak on the Firestick device. You need to enable app download from an unknown source and ADB debugging.

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Turn on the Firestick device and go to My Fire TV.
  2. From there, find the developer option and scroll down to find “Apps from Unknown Source”.
  3. Once you find the option, enable it to download apps from outside the Amazon App Store.
  4. Now return to developer mode and do the same for “ADB Debugging”.

A warning is displayed when activating the options. Ignore the warning and flip the options to create the Play Store app on the Firestick.

Installation procedure

Your Firestick is now ready to install the Google Play Store app. Follow the instructions below to complete the installation:

  1. Open the downloader on the Firestick device. If you don’t already have a downloader installed, you can download one from the App Store. Just search for Downloader and install it from the result.
  2. Now you need to download the APK files in order to install the Play Store. You will need four APK files which are Google Service Framework, Google Play, Play Store, and Account Manager.
  3. Here are the download links to the files.
  1. Write down the app’s first URL on the downloader, then click Go. Download and install all the apps one by one. Finally finish installing the Play Store app.

Once you’re done, you can use the Play Store on the Firestick after signing in with Gmail. Since the Play Store app was developed for smartphones, we cannot guarantee that the app will function smoothly on your Firestick device.

The alternative of the Play Store app (Aptoide app)

As mentioned earlier, the Play Store app may not work efficiently on Firestick devices as it is not officially available and is not optimized for Firestick devices. The Aptoide app can be a great alternative to the regular Play Store app. It is one of the most commonly used 3approx Party app stores with a huge selection of apps for different genres. There are around 75,000 apps and it is compatible with all major streaming devices.

The Aptoide app is available free of charge. Plus, it’s easy to install and comes with a streamlined user interface for easy navigation on the TVs. It is also impressive that the platform even contains apps that are not available in the Play Store. So, you can use it when the Play Store app is not working properly or you cannot download it.

How to download the Aptoide app on Firestick

The Aptoide app is also not available directly in the official Amazon App Store. So you need to side-load it in an alternative way. Here is the step you will need to do that:

  1. Get your Amazon Firestick ready to install the app from an external source. Basically you have to enable “Apps from Unknown Source” and “ADB Debugging” as mentioned before.
  2. Now you need a downloader app to get the Aptoide APK file. If you don’t have a downloader already, use the above way to get one.
  3. Open the downloader and give permission when prompted. You will see a URL field in the downloader interface. Enter the URL in the box: It is the official website of the Aptoide app.
How to have the Google Play Store on Firestick
  1. After the webpage loads, scroll down to find the download link. Click “Download Aptoide TV” to save the APK file to your device.
How you can have the Google Play Store on Firestick2
  1. The file may take a while to download depending on your internet speed. Once the download is complete, you will be taken to the installation window. Click on Install there.
How you can have the Google Play Store on Firestick3
  1. Once the app has finished downloading, you can use it immediately by clicking “Open”. Give the required permission and download your favorite app.
How to have the Google Play Store on Firestick

Since the app is sideloaded, you will not find it in the Apps and Games list. You can just add it to the list. Here’s what to do: Long press the Home button, then choose Apps from the pop-up. Then select Aptoide TV and then “Options” in the lower right corner. Now select “Move forward”. That’s it, you’re done.


Here’s how you can have the Google Play Store on Firestick. We hope that you can install the Play Store app on your Firestick by following the guide above. If the first method doesn’t work for you, try the second. We can assure you that it works.

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