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The basement of a hotel, an Al Malaikah temple, and the annex of an outdoor mall are just a few of the places the Oscars have been held in its 93-year history.

But with the pandemic, a big change is taking place in the entertainment industry, and what better time than to change Oscar halls, in this case, swap the Dolby Theater for the 82-year-old downtown Union Station, designed by John and Donald Parkinson?


As Oscar producer Stacey Sher put it during a press on Saturday, “We’re here to explain why the cinema Questions,And Union Station is an iconic landmark in the film capital of the world, where elements such as black crime Union Station, the way we were, to live and die in LA Blade runner and The dark knight rises were shot. As Pete Hammond wrote, Oscar producer Steven Soderbergh’s “manifesto” is to present the awards show as a movie, not a TV show; 24 frames per second, large screen with cinema photos, including on the shoulder.

Dwayne Barnes: Inclusion will mark 93rd Oscars place in history, regardless of its TV rankings – Guest Column

Render of the North Patio of Union Station
Rockwell Group

Oscar production designer David Rockwell told a press conference today that this year’s inspirations stemmed from a return to the elegance of previous Oscars at the Biltmore and Roosevelt Hotels. These two locations were actually considered this year before production moved to Union Station. The Los Angeles train station boasts the Art Deco architecture that LA is popular for, however, what was important at this year’s show was to create “one room within a room” by Rockwell, specifically a see-through room. The building lent itself to a show at the Oscars in his “huge scale” and “oxygen” allowing “the horizontal scale and vertical scanning.” Essentially, the former Union Station ticket hall will house the main stage. The north and south patios with jacaranda trees will be used for the pre and post show. “The room will be used at 360 °,” says Rockwell, “there will be camera positions that will capture the action throughout the room.”

One of the challenges of working with Rockwell website: “Nothing can be attached to the ceiling and nothing can be fixed to the floor.”

The Deco luminaires are part of the lighting of the show, like windows 40 feet from the station in the old ticketing area. The participants will be in groups of two – one candidate and one guest – in certain tables and benches.

“Remember the ceremony starts at 5:00 pm, so this production goes from daylight to night,” explained Rockwell, “we’ll be using that daylight and other production light in the corner of the room to light up the scene. ”

The fidgetcube recently ventured to Union Station and it’s currently a work in progress, much of the detail comes to life in the last 48 hours before the show. The station remains in full operation between the red and yellow lines and the Amtrak trains with main areas such as the patios and the original ticket lobby blocked off and accessible by badge staff.

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