Here’s a free script contest to try out

The Script Lab’s free script contest is the right price.

One of the websites I like to visit is The script lab. I think they usually have interesting articles and ideas. Now you have something else that I think you will enjoy. It is a free competition with winners facing a strong industry jury and cash prizes. There’s a limit of one submission per person, but they accept features, TV pilots, short films, and web series scripts.

So how can this be free? Well the idea is that readers will only read a few pages.

How they put it “The first impression is important: In this free competition, all scripts get a first read first impression, which only consists of the first pages of each script. Your first few pages are particularly important because many readers in studios and agencies make a decision about a script after the first few pages. Please enter your full script as the scripts that make it into the following rounds will be fully evaluated by our jury. ”

Not everything is free. If you want two or three Pages with optional feedback from a professional script reader will be charged at $ 79.99. But actually participating in the competition is free.

There are cash prizes of $ 500, $ 100, and $ 50. I find it a little lame to give away less money for third place than it would cost to get the grades, but that’s just me. The important part is free entry.

The winners will also receive an edition and personal recommendation of the loglines of the three best scripts to the Coverfly network of hundreds of industry experts such as agents, managers, producers and studio directors.

The deadline is July 31, 2021.

So head HERE come in and break your leg!

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