Here is the League of Legends 2020 World Champion!

The League of Legends 2020 World Championship Final pitted Korean representative DAMWON Gaming and Chinese representative Suning today and witnessed a highly competitive opening match. DAMWON had a gold and scoring edge in the early minutes and even captured the Spirit of Flame. League of Legends 2020 World Champion has been announced!

League of Legends 2020 World Champion DAMWON Gaming!

Suning managed to resist all this superiority of his opponent. This resistance lasted 43 minutes. DAMWON Gaming, who won the Baron battle, took the lead 1-0 in the series. Having experienced a loss in the first game, Suning turned to Rengar with a surprise choice for the second game. This champion, who was not chosen in professional matches, made a great contribution to Suning that no one could imagine. This time, Suning took the lead in the early minutes and managed to win the match in 34 minutes. Suning’s top laner Bin succeeded in making Five out of Fives with Fiora, making an unforgettable move for many years.

DAMWON Gaming took the lead in the early minutes in the series that reached 1-1, but could not find the window to close the match. In the match marked by mutual mistakes, DAMWON made fewer mistakes and brought the series to 2-1. In the fourth game of the series, DAMWON Gaming performed a dominant performance from start to finish for the first time throughout the game.

DAMWON Gaming, who put his weight on the map with the superior individual performance of Jungler Canyon, won the game in just 26 minutes and reached the championship. Thus, after the Summoner’s Cup 2017, he went to Korea again. DAMWON Gaming organization and its players experienced Worlds championship for the first time in their careers.

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