Here is the feature not mentioned in the iOS 14.2 update!

It turned out that Apple, which came up with the errors in iOS 14 updates, did not include some innovations in the list. With the iOS 14.2 update, iPhone 8 got FaceTime HD feature.

iPhone 8 gets FaceTime HD capability with iOS 14.2

Apple, leading many brands in updating, unfortunately could not meet the expectations with the iOS 14 version. It turned out that the company, which has different problems with almost every new update, did not add some innovations to the update list.

FaceTime, which is actively used by Apple users and is better than applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook, has become available in HD quality with new updates.

The company, which updated the technical specifications page of models such as iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus after the iOS 14.2 update released in November, did not make any statements about FaceTime in its update list.

When entering the company’s device comparison page, it is clearly seen that the FaceTime HD feature has been added. Unfortunately, it is not known why the company did not include this feature in the update description. Also, iPad models do not yet feature FaceTime HD.

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