Here is the fastest way to start making money on your drone

Do you want to make money with your drone? Find out how to do it.

QuickAssTutorials Alexander’s been around on YouTube for a while, but in the past two years the guy destroyed it. We love the channel because it’s straight forward with no unnecessary intros, wasted breath, or bullshit. He’ll usually tell you what you need to know in the first few minutes, and the rest is a potpourri of useful information to add to your repertoire.

One of his recent videos is about how to make money on your drone and the advice is spot on.

He says to build a city roll and then goes into how to do it, who’s looking for content, why it’s important to stay on the ground, and how to create a roll. It’s wise advice that every filmmaker should know, including production companies that aren’t into the drone game. Listen.

Do a city roll

It’s that simple. If you live in a city, there will be real estate investors, developers, and local organizations that need stock footage of the city.

While there are many websites dedicated to selling stock footage, they may not offer content as localized as possible. Take Austin, Texas, for example. It’s a pretty big city with 3 million people but if you look Austin, Texas skyline Not many videos are showing on Google. If you rank near the top of Google with your own drone stuff, people will notice.

And it doesn’t just have to be large metropolitan areas. Just outside Austin are San Marcos and College Station, two cities with notable colleges, Texas State and Texas A&M. They can easily create a sizzling roll of campuses (if permitted by law) that they may use for their own admissions purposes .

Alexander points out that when creating your city roll, it’s best to feature five to six of the best spots, neighborhoods, and iconic spots. And be sure to snap up sunsets.

Do your research first

When flying a drone, it is important that you fly it legally. Don’t fly over places you know you can’t or in parks that don’t allow drones.

If Alexander wants to find out what to film in your city, he suggests searching Pinterest and Google images to see what people want to see. Then take that information and capture it with amazing, buttery smooth shots. When uploading to YouTube, be sure to tag it with keywords so that it ranks better in searches.

How to do a role

Alexander says the most important thing to do is validate yourself ASAP. What does that mean?

In essence, it means skipping the boring stuff that everyone has seen before. Create something unique that speaks to the viewer. If it’s the same tired beach with waves, it won’t be interesting. Use your surroundings, lighting, and camera angles to illustrate a new perspective. While Alexander suggests that hyperlapses are a great way to separate your footage from the package, you can also quickly trim your best stuff to draw the viewer and then finish your editing with longer settings.

What do you think of QuickAssTutorials’ advice on making money? Any experience? Let the community know in the comments below.

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