Helpful DIY filmmaker hacks that won’t break the bank

Delve into some DIY tricks to use for your next project.

We love DIY tips at No Film School. Not only can they be very helpful in mimicking high-end equipment, but they are often inexpensive to replicate so you can recreate them using common household items.

One of our most popular “hacks” of all time is using a wheelchair or skateboard instead of a dolly track to track footage. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper, easy to repeat, and can make some very smooth shots.

In the video below, JJ shows von Wondershare Details of six different tips that are “super easy” for filmmakers creating projects on smartphones or wanting to improve their lighting game. Check them out below.

The magic of the tape

When it comes to smaller body cameras like today’s smartphones or even the Sigma fp and fp L.you can mount them almost anywhere. But not everyone can afford the latest rigging accessories.

Enter our trusted friend band. Tape can go a long way in securing lighter phones. It definitely looks choppy behind the scenes, but once the camera is in place, it can work just as well as more expensive clamps.

Speaking of clamps, you can always check your local dollar store for some. You can find all kinds of electronics there, including table stands.

Underwater housing

If you plan to take pictures underwater, it is best to use a cage that has been specially made for underwater use. There’s nothing worse than losing equipment to bad weather or water damage. However, with today’s smartphones, many can go underwater and not be harmed.

But what if you want to get an underwater perspective when there is no water around? JJ cleverly suggests using a clear tray. Pour water into the tray to mimic the feeling of being underwater. It’s almost like putting a filter on a lens.

Change the color of LEDs

This is one of our favorites from the video. When shooting with LEDs that are not two-tone, there are several ways you can use filters to add color to them. However, if you want to do this very cheaply and effectively, JJ points out that you can use plastic binder dividers. This is a fantastic idea and will produce compelling results based on the images in the video.

You can easily find these at the local dollar store and start experimenting. Just make sure the light doesn’t burn the plastic.

Recognition: Wondershare / YouTube

Better POV shots

When it comes to interesting camera angles, breaking Bad is a master class on the subject. The series has always found new ways to get creative shots to tell the story. Experimenting with clever ideas is also important for your projects, especially if you don’t have to worry about budget or time. Even if the recording doesn’t work, at least you’ve learned how to make it that you may be able to use for other projects later.

Using unique perspectives to visually tell your story can attract your audience. One way to do this is to create shots that interact with what the talent is doing in the scene. As the video shows, if the talent reaches into a pocket for chips, you can cut a hole in the bottom of the pocket and point the camera through the pocket for an interesting angle. It’s a similar idea Cat video on TikTok.

Or let’s assume the talent reaches into a mailbox shortly after a snake sneaks in. You can use a similar setting to show the snake’s perspective.

What are your favorite DIY tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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