He sent message to Gómez’s cousin Stephanie Valenzuela

On the afternoon of this Thursday, November 19, the second hearing was held in the case of Eleazar Gómez, who is accused of equal family violence against his girlfriend Stephanie Valenzuela.

The meeting with the authorities was also attended by the actor’s cousin, Yanira Díaz, who during an interview with various media sent a message through tears to the singer and model of Peruvian origin.

“What you are doing to my cousin is not worth it, you know she loves you, she adores you. For a start of that day of anger, I do not know exactly what happened, but I ask you to forgive him, “he said during the brief conference that was shared by the program ‘Sale el Sol’, in which Yanira also spoke about the process legal situation facing his cousin, who was denied release from prison

She also shared that the actor’s mother is very emotionally affected, yet she attended the hearing with the hope that she would return home with her, however, this did not happen as the authorities denied parole.

“Her life, her career is already quite shattered. My aunt is sick, she came with great enthusiasm thinking that we were going to take Eleazar to the house, but it was not like that, “he added.

Before concluding, the cousin of the actor from ‘La Mexicana y El Güero’ assured that the whole family trusts the Mexican justice, since he also presented injuries and there is evidence of this:

“I believe in my laws, in justice and now that evidence is being sent that it is not how it is being handled and how the public is punishing my cousin,” he revealed.

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