“He asks the women to come to his house to discuss work and …”

Sherlyn Chopra: Sajid Khan is expected to issue a public apology (Photo CreditL Twitter / Sherlyn Chopra & Sajid Khan)

Actress and adult content creator Sherlyn Chopra, who has brought a sexual harassment charge against Sajid Khan, said she just wanted a public apology from the actor-filmmaker.

Sherlyn, who is one of several actresses who have brought charges of sexual harassment against Sajid, didn’t seem too keen to take legal action.

“What am I going to accomplish by doing this (legal action)? I just want him to issue a public apology not only to me, but to all those women he has tried to do inappropriate acts with. He’s been a habitual offender where he asks women to come to his house to discuss his work and then he launches into his indecent acts, ”Sherlyn told IANS.

Sajid Khan has been accused of sexual harassment by several women. In 2018, assistant director Sonali Chopra, actress Rachel White and a journalist accused him of sexual misconduct. Recently, late actress Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma revealed that Jiah was allegedly harassed by Sajid.

Sherlyn has made new #MeToo charges against the filmmaker and accused him of flashing his soldiers while discussing a role. In recent tweets, she also alleged that he asked her to touch her private parts.

It’s not cool to cross the line of decency. We have passed laws in this country that require there to be consent between two people before entering into a physical relationship.

Speaking about the incident, Sherlyn said: “In April 2005 I lost my father and after a few days I went to Sajid Khan’s to discuss a movie role. I wanted to take care of my job to forget the pain of losing a parent. When I went to meet him, he randomly asked me to touch his private parts.

“I told him it wasn’t fair and left his place. I was terrified of this incident and for all these years I blamed myself, thinking I shouldn’t have gone there to meet him. I think meeting him is one of the unfortunate events of my life. I decided to talk about it because if it wasn’t for me, another woman would have experienced such an incident, so I feel it is my responsibility to show people her true side ”, he said. she adds.

Sherlyn has also slammed some of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities for failing to speak out about issues like sexual harassment in the workplace.

“I don’t understand how serial offenders like him (Sajid Khan) get support from the film industry. The Khans and Kapoors continue to work with him knowing his controversial background. I don’t understand why they (the film industry) don’t speak out against these shameless activities, ”she said.

“Otherwise, they talk about the importance of mental health and the like, but inside their home they’re involved in drugs or that kind of activity. I don’t have any filmi background so no one told me there were different meanings of getting together for dinner or at home, but I don’t want other women to have such a traumatic experience in life, ”Sherlyn said.

She also advised people to change their minds about women. “People tell me I’m an adult content creator so I should be okay with these things. I want to tell these stupid people that if a woman is an adult content creator or a prostitute, an actress, married or single or any other living environment, her opinion matters most in such things, otherwise you don’t. have no right to go ahead with this. I want to tell these people to grow up and change their mindset when dealing with women, ”she says.

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