HBO Max acquires US broadcast rights to Israeli series ‘Uri and Ella’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: HBO Max Took US Broadcast Rights To Praise The Hot Series Uri and Ella.

Starring Shlomo Baraba and Dina Senderson, the 11-episode Israeli series will be available on the WarnerMedia streaming service this spring.

The deal was brokered by Hadas Mozes, co-founder and international director of Israel-based content agency ADD. Mozes also brokered the deal with HBO for Hot’s Euphoria, based on the famous Israeli series. Mozes is executive producer of the Emmy-winning American series A24 starring Zendaya and created / performed by Sam Levinson, which also airs on HBO Max.

“We are proud and delighted that another Hot Original Series has been sold to HBO Max, and soon Uri and Ella will appear on TV screens across the United States, ”said Nadav Hanin, vice president of content and innovation at Hot. “This is another breakthrough for the Israeli television industry, and for Hot in particular, with over 120 formats sold in overseas markets in just a few years.”

‘Euphoria’: second of two special episodes to air early on HBO Max

Created by Senderson, Ofer Seker and Yuval Shafferman, Uri and Ella is an unconventional romantic comedy-drama about loss, madness, the problems of the rich, and the only truly unconditional form of love – the love between a father and daughter.

The show tells the story of Uri and her daughter Ella after her mother Tami passed away. Uri, musician and cultural icon, finds himself single at the puzzling age of 60; Ella, an already displaced kid, is put in a vacuum. Now that the most painful period of mourning is behind them, all possibilities will be open to them, at least they thought so. A year after Tami’s death, we embark on a funny, touching, and emotional journey with Uri and Ella, and along the way, meet the collection of characters that surround them.

The cast also includes Pablo Rosenberg as Zuki, a famous and colorful chef who knows how to live well and slowly finds himself entangled in the lives of his clients Uri and Ella; Liron Vaisman as Kineret, a funny and honest woman without any inhibitions that bursts into their lives; Gal Toren as Shmulik, Ella’s older brother, and son of Uri and Tami and a guitarist in his father’s band; and Abigail Kovari as Zohar, Ella’s voluptuous friend, who for some reason won’t be leaving their home.

Shafferman directed all 11 episodes. The series is produced by Yoav Gross Productions.

Uri and Ella, originally aired on Hot, won six Israel Television Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series, and received numerous accolades throughout its broadcast.

At one point, an American version of the series was in the works.

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