Harry jealous of his brother William and Kate Middleton?

Is Meghan Markle’s darling jealous of his brother? MCE TV gives you more details. A new biography on Meghan Markle and Harry will be published on August 11, 2020. But even before its publication Finding Freedom is already making a lot of noise.

A new scandal for the British royal family? One thing is certain the queen and her heirs will absolutely not like!

Indeed, extracts have already been unveiled by The Times and The Sunday Times. And the scandal is indeed at the rendezvous!

Among the extracts reported by the Daily Mail, some sentences are very murderous! Indeed we learn there that Harry and Meghan Markle felt sidelined by the royal family.

Indeed the latter seems more interested in the future royal couple. Then anyway didn’t the Sussexes choose to give up their privileges?


According to biographies excerpts, Meghan Markle and Harry seem frustrated that William and Kate got the best official roles! Indeed they felt left out by the royal family.

Indeed according to the couple he would not have sufficiently protected them from the courtiers. A shocking biography written by two journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

The two are friends with Meghan Markle and Harry. Even if the latter claim not to have contributed to the book.

Finally, if royalty was more interested in Kate and William, it is quite simply because they are the future British sovereigns. Indeed the popularity of Meghan Markle would then have frightened the family.

The courtiers believed that the worldwide popularity of the Sussexes had to be kept under control! Harry, on the other hand, thought that some members of the royal family just didn’t like his wife.

The biography also says that Meghan Markle confided in tears to her girlfriend. She would have told him that she had given up her whole life for this family.

To ultimately decide to leave her. She also says she can never imagine setting foot in anything regal again. Case to be continued.

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