Hans Rosenfeldt adapts CJ Tudor’s ‘The Burning Girls’ to Buccaneer – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Hans Rosenfeldt, the formidable Swedish screenwriter behind The bridge and Marcella, found his next project: Adapting CJ Tudor’s new bestseller Hot girls in a television series.

Rosenfeldt will work with Marcella producer Buccaneer Media to adapt the book after the production company secures the rights in a competitive situation. The Tudor story became a Sunday Times bestseller after it was published in January.

The book follows Reverend Jack Brooks and his daughter as they make a fresh start in Chapel Croft, but soon the dark history of the tight-knit community begins to unfold. About 500 years ago, eight martyrs were burned alive at Chapel Croft; 30 years ago, two teenagers disappeared without a trace; and two months ago the vicar committed suicide.

BBC Studios teams up with Nice Media Studios and Windowseat to adapt CJ Tudor Bestseller ‘The Chalk Man’

Jack must be walking carefully. Old superstitions as well as distrust of strangers will be difficult to overcome. Yet right away, Jack has more frightening concerns, including threatening messages and a cover-up of the death of his predecessor.

Buccaneer, which currently manufactures Acorn TV Whitstable Pearl and the Irvine Welsh series from BritBox UK criminality, is already buying the project from broadcasters and streamers. It will be produced by Tony Wood, Richard Tulk-Hart and Anna Burns.

Wood, co-CEO of Buccaneer, said: “Hot girls is a great story; it’s very easy to see how CJ Tudor climbed to the top of the charts in quite a short time. His ability to tell a truly compelling story is exceptional.

Rosenfeldt added: “I was very keen to go back to London and work with Buccaneer again and when Tony sent me a copy of Hot girls I thought “Yeah, that’s what we should be doing!” I loved the book, its characters, the setting, the horror elements and the many twists and surprises.

Tudor is a popular author at the moment. We revealed last October that BBC Studios was working with US companies Nice Media Studios and Windowseat Pictures to develop their novel. Chalk man in a six-part television series. The boy in the upper knot and Single father writer Mick Ford adapts the Sunday Times bestseller.

Tudor is replaced by Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency. The third season of Buccaneer’s thriller Anna Friel Marcella is currently available on ITV, BritBox and Netflix worldwide.

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