Halo Infinite test postponed by coronavirus

Public testing of Halo Infinite through Halo Insider has been delayed due to the global health situation. More information in the future.

343 Industries has suffered an alteration in its plans with Halo Infinite. According to an entry in Halo Waypoint, the North American study “is not located where they wanted to be” after having suffered “unprecedented challenges” given the situation of the coronavirus in this 2020, in relation to public tests through Halo Insider.

“With Halo Infinite, we are committed to building the game in collaboration with our community, but given this year’s unprecedented challenges, we are not where we expected to be in terms of a public test,” he says. They praise their work with the players from the beginning of the project, especially the “feedback gathered from around the artistic style and history to game tests with confidential groups within the community” in the last two years.

Is there a chance of a public test prior to launch? They do not rule it out: “The team continues to work and deliberate options to expand the opportunities to play it before its launch and we will share our progress when we can,” although they point out that its arrival on the market “does not stop the process.” “In fact, in many ways, feedback and testing among the community will be much more important after its release as we continue to evolve and update the game into the future,” he concludes.

Halo Infinite was the star of the past Xbox Games Showcase. The game will accompany Xbox Series X as it hits the market sometime in late 2020. At the same time, its versions will be available for sale on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam. Clicking here you will know all the exclusive games confirmed for the new generation of Microsoft.

Our Editorial Coordinator, Salvador Fernández, participated in a question and answer session shortly after knowing his first look. A talk that left us with headlines related to the Brutes, what he aspires to in the coming years and how his open world will work. You can read the full entry through this link.

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