Halo Infinite presents its gameplay in a new gameplay

Microsoft presents an extensive new demo of the title of 343 Industries and finally offers its release date. This is the expected Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite has launched the Xbox Games Showcase conference. The expected title of 343 Industries has been seen in an extensive new playable demo in which we have been able to appreciate the title in all its splendor in the version for Xbox Series X. We are in the year 28 May of the year 2560 and a conflict ends to take place. Likewise, a launch date has been given: XX November 2020.

The first thing that caught our attention are the huge open scenarios, the possibility of moving through the environment with a vehicle and the map, which gives access to the Tacmac, the improvements for the character and other adjustments. A world full of life in which we will find different tribes and territories to plunder and conquer, all while maintaining the hallmarks of the series at the gameplay level. Few things change in that regard compared to Halo 5, but the improvement is substantial thanks to elements such as the use of the hook.

We invite you to see the trailer attached at the beginning of this news so that you can fully appreciate this Halo Infinite, which will go on sale on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC (Windows 10) simultaneously worldwide and on Xbox Game Pass.

Halo: Infinite, the link to chain with the new generation Xbox

Halo: Infinite has become on its own merits the most anticipated game in the Xbox Game Studios catalog for the impending new generation of Microsoft. Within a few hours of presenting his official cover art, the tweet carried tens of thousands of likes, a superlative power of persuasion that carries with it a high level of expectations.

Despite all the difficulties derived from COVID-19, Halo: Infinite has not been affected by it. As recognized by 343 Industries itself, the development team did not interrupt the progress of the game, so the deadlines to reach the stores when they had planned have been met.

Slipspace, the graphics engine of opportunities for 343 Industries

If there is something that 343 Industries has insisted on in recent months is that the new graphics engine, the Slipspace, is allowing them to do incredible things, unimaginable aspects in the last generation. “We had to create an engine that was more powerful for new generation developments. Also more agile, so that creatives and engineers are able to work more easily and iterate faster ”.

That new generation is called Xbox Series X, where the game will shine brighter. Halo: Infinite will be released simultaneously worldwide also on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. We tell you all about the console here.

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