Hailey Baldwin explodes over rumors of pregnancy

After the great controversy that revolves around the alleged pregnancy of the model Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber’s wife, it is she who today reveals details of the news

Estalla Hailey Baldwin por rumores de embarazo con Justin Bieber(Instagram)

The couple made up of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber is one of the couples most adored by the public worldwide, so there is also a lot of controversy around them that is why today the model reveals once and for all the news of an alleged pregnancy .

The queen of the catwalks decided to end once and for all with all the rumors that have haunted her and the singer in recent days, who had presumed for a few weeks that they could become parents soon.

The fans are eager to see this couple with their first baby in their arms, so at any signal the alarms go off and the reflectors focus on the movements they make.

The truth is that according to the sought-after model, Hailey Baldwin still has no life in her womb so her followers will definitely have to wait to see her become a beautiful mom!

Until today the couple has already been the target of alleged “crises”, “usselsrations “, and even” infidelities “in their marriage, since some still link Justin to the memory of her ex-girlfriend, the interpreter Selena Gómez.

However, both seem to continue their lives happily and constantly witness to their fans many of their moments together.

The interpreter of “Yummi” one of their most recent hits and the model recognized for participating in catwalks of renowned brands starred in a very romantic ceremony when they decided to join their lives in 2018, and to this day they seem to be a very happy marriage.

Although they have also gone through difficult times after it became known that the artist was dealing with Lyme disease from which he was not fully recovering and at times makes him present some relapses, Baldwin has been a great support for her husband maintaining the promise that is always made at the altar, “to be present through good times and bad.”


The singer, who is a few days away from releasing “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter”, an exclusive documentary on the YouTube platform, showed fans that he is in the best moment of his life.

However, in past interviews the music star pointed out how happy he would be to become a father and that Hailey is the mother of her children.

A great revelation that its loyal followers keep very present since although the rumors took a strong revelation in recent days after US Weekly magazine hinted at this possibility, however, the Ocean’s 8 model appeared in their stories to deny the gossip.

She flatly denied the rumors and annoyed she launched a strong message from her Instagram account in which she asked the publisher to stop the “fake news.”

Since I found out that you were about to publish a little story … I’m not pregnant! So stop writing fake news from your “sources” and pay attention to what really matters. I mean, the elections, “Hailey wrote.

Meanwhile, the couple are enjoying their time together to the fullest and seem in no rush to increase the family so surely when they are ready, their fans will be the first to know the news.

Both have fun and also make their fans laugh a lot on Instagram. Proof of this are the past posts on Halloween where Hailey and Justin posted some snapshots dressed as the most iconic characters from the animated movie “Toy Story.”

The moment did not go unnoticed for the couple who had a party around one of the largest celebrations in the United States and for this they used costumes of two of the most popular characters in the film, which amused their fans a lot, who left several reactions on the post.

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