Hades Confirms Coming To Nintendo Switch This Fall

Supergiant Games will release Hades on Nintendo Switch alongside 1.0 on PC this fall. It will have cross save with the computer version.

The Indie World of August 18 has left us the confirmation of the arrival of Hades to Nintendo Switch. The latest work from Supergiant Games, which initially debuted as early access to the Epic Games Store, will launch on the hybrid sometime this fall.

The main novelty of this version is the possibility of transferring all your progress from your computer to the console. This function has already been raised in the past by titles such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Divinity: Original Sin 2. In the case of the Roguelike, details on how the transfer will be made have not transpired. The announcement during the broadcast was accompanied by a tweet showing its launch trailer.

Hades had the coincidence of being the first exclusive title of the Epic Games store. It did so in December 2018 with a version still in full development. That exclusivity expired 12 months later; It was not until the same month of 2019 when he would do the same on Steam.

Road to its final version

Its launch on Nintendo Switch will coincide with the arrival of 1.0 on the computer. Last June, it received what, in the studio’s words, was its “last big update” before leaving Early Access behind. It did so with The Blood Price update, which included a multitude of new mini-bosses (some secrets), new story events for almost every character, and three new Legendary weapon skins, among other additions.

You can currently get it through the Epic Games Store and Steam at a price of € 20.99. You will have access to all the content released in these years, except the “true ending” and other additions. Remember that you can transfer these progress later when you decide to jump to the Nintendo console.

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